Why Do You Need A Guest Book For A Funeral?

Guest book for Funeral

“…send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” In his poem, John Donne proclaims that no one is an island, complete in his or her self. We are all connected.

Guests at a funeral or memorial service customarily sign themselves in and make comments in a funeral guest book. They declare themselves connected to the loved one lost and to you, the bereaved. After you suffer a loss, it is good to know who your friends are and that they share your pain and support you.

That is why they come. That is why they sign. That is why it is important to have a funeral guest book.

Guest Book for Funeral

Other than entering a simple signature and contact information, guests will often make notes about adventures and experiences with the departed. From time to time it is good to take out the Funeral Guest book and remember friends and the happy times. 

For example, “I remember the time Jack bought a motorcycle in Jersey City but he didn’t how to ride and his home was in the Bronx. He drove it out anyway, all alone, slipping, sliding, swerving, dodging fire hydrants, but he got it there, training himself along the way. He had an iron will.

Or perhaps, “She never complained about pain or difficulty and she was always kind and generous to me.

Mortality occurs and we are often unprepared for the needs that immediately follow. This reality is not a thing we prepare for well in advance. The funeral must be taken care of at once. “What am I supposed to do?” Get help. That is the answer. Something devastating that was not on your horizon is here NOW.  For more information, click here.

Patriotic Guest Book for Funeral

How to Use Funeral Guest Book

Preparing for the funeral and/or memorial service can be an overwhelming task. Funeral directors can provide help for most details, especially the funeral guest book. The funeral guest books are among the few things that go home with the families and they will endure for generations.

The guest book for a funeral can be a book of course or even a website. Digital guest books are growing in popularity especially among invited guests who find they cannot attend in person. Usually included in a guest book for funeral are sections for guests to leave their names and a brief note.

The size of the book and the number of guests at the funeral or reception will determine if there is enough room to write notes. If it is unknown how many will attend in person, you can create a memorial website. However, it might be better to order additional pages or even an additional book if needed. Many people prefer to set up both a website and the traditional funeral register/guest book.

Appreciation with Thank You Cards for Funeral

Thank you cards for a funeral are more than etiquette. To show appreciation to friends who supported you in a crisis of grief. But, it takes time. Emotions need to heal and calm. Take the time and then, with certainty, express your feelings. Here are some possible examples of funeral thank you wording. 

  • Thank you for your donation at the funeral. It was a great help with expenses. And thank you for attending.
  • Thank you for your donation to cancer research in Josie’s honor. She struggled bravely for 17 years against this disease. I know she would be appreciative of your generosity.
  • Bless you for your support in this terrible time. I will never forget your kindness and compassion.
  • For all these years we have been close friends. Thank you and all of Eric’s colleagues at work for their donations and kind words.
  • Adelaide served for many years at the hospital. It was wonderful to meet the nurses she worked with. Thank you for coming.
Thank you cards can also express appreciation for specific things, e.g., flowers, etc. Cards can express a variety of themes: prayers; nature; patriotism; philosophy, and so on. 

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Six Ring Funeral Guest Books

Wide variety of themes and materials: 

Majestic Sienna (leather); Golden Forest; Ornate Celtic Cross; Ornate Burnished Frame; Art Deco. 

 Guide for appreciative responses

A respectful, memorable occasion such as a funeral or memorial service needs to be enshrined in a book that reflects the loving sensitivities of the bereaved family. 

When the time comes to remember those who assisted in the most trying of times, the guest book/register book is a guide for appreciative responses. 

The books should provide space not only for the guests names and contact information but also their feelings and memories of the life being observed. 

Majority of services include acknowledgements (thank you cards).

Additional Informations about Guest books for Funeral

  • There are a variety of insert styles such as ivory with burgundy ink, white with blue ink or charcoal. 
  • Services, followed by devotional entries such as prayer, poems and/or a quotation. Then are listed Vigil Rites, a short biography, List of bearers, Orders attending and “Spiritual Bouquets”. 
  • Each book is handmade in the USA to our exacting specifications.
  • Cards for remembrance and acknowledgement are also available.

Artwork for Special Occasions

  • Patriotic funeral registry book suitable for military and veteran funerals.
  • The Patriotic version has full color pages featuring, song lyrics and Taps, and space for the deceased’s service record.
  • The Military Funeral details will show the Veterans’ organization giving honors with the honors scheduled.

Why Regal Line ?

A family-owned business that has been producing funeral stationery for over a century, Regal Line is a one-stop center for all funeral stationery needs. While most other funeral paper products are mass produced, Regal Line products are hand-made in the USA. 

guest book for funeral

We provide superior quality in materials and craftsmanship

Each book is prepared by in-house designers with many years of experience in print and publishing. The creators of these products know their books must last for generations. 

Artwork and designs combined in books and cards that preserve memories far into the future. 

The materials used are the finest available resulting in a book that will carry thoughts, prayers and memories faithfully and timelessly.

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