How to Fill Out and Use a Funeral Guest Book

We have a variety of insert styles, including:

  • Ivory/Burgundy ink insert has a traditional format printed in burgundy ink on ivory paper.
  • White/Blue ink insert has a classic look with a more modern script font.
  • White/Charcoal ink insert has a contemporary look with a serif “all caps” font.
  • White/Patriotic insert includes the pages from our White/Charcoal ink insert, plus military and service-related pages in full color.

Our inserts include a variety of poems, song lyrics, scripture, and quotations to inspire and comfort family members.

The pages of each insert include:

  1. In Memory Of page – On this page, the family (or funeral director) enters:
    1. Name of the deceased on the top line of the page.
    2. Born: the city and state of birth and the birthdate.
    3. Entered Into Rest: enter the location and date of the funeral or memorial services
    4. Age: enter the age of the deceased in years, months, and days.
    5. Interment: space is provided to enter the exact place, including the name of the cemetery, city, and state if different than the location of the memorial service, the burial lot, block and section, date, and hour of the burial.
Six Ring Funeral Guest Book
  1. Family Record page:  used to document the parents and grandparents of the deceased.  Space is included to list other family members.
  2. Services page:  contains the actual funeral service or memorial information.
    1. The location, date, and hour of the service.
    2. Officiating: include the minister or service leader and others who may have spoken, or read, during the service.
    3. Music: list the names of those who played instruments or sang at the service
    4. Selections: the title(s) of music selection(s) played and/or sung during the service
    5. Rendered by: This is usually in reference to any type of military or service organization taking part in the funeral or graveside service.
  1. The Services page is usually followed by another page containing a poem, prayer, scripture, or quotation.
  2. Liturgy of Christian Burial page:  enter the place, date, and hour of the Church service.  This page can be removed if there is no Church service or vigil.
    1. Officiating: enter the name of the minister(s) officiating at the service
    2. Music: Music played at the service
    3. Interment Prayers By Name of person or group presiding over gravesite service.
    4. Bearers: list the name of anyone who helps carry or officially escorts the coffin
  3. Vigil Rites(also referred to as the Viewing, Wake, or Visitation before a Catholic funeral service):  the Vigil is a prayer service usually held the evening before the funeral. Much like a viewing or a wake, family and friends may gather in the home of the deceased, in the funeral home, or in the Church to pray for and remember the deceased.
  4. Biography:  allows space for details of the deceased person’s personal, community, academic, and work-life and achievements.
  5. Bearers:   list anyone who assists with carrying, or escorting, the coffin or urn.
    1. Orders Attending: any religious, fraternal/sorority, work or community orders attending or taking part in the vigil, memorial or funeral services.
  6. Spiritual Bouquets:  a group of prayers gathered together. The prayers can be listed on a standard card or on a prayer card.  The idea is that each prayer, or mass intention, is comparable to a flower and a group of prayers is a gift offered to God for a particular intention.  In this case, the intention may be for both the person who has passed, as well as for the family and close friends.
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Funeral Guest Book Examples
  1. Memorial Bequests:  List organizations or individuals to whom memorial bequests were given.
  2. Flowers of Remembrance (3 pages):  gifts of flowers and plants, sent to be displayed at the visitation, vigil, and funeral or memorial service, can be listed here.
  3. What God Hath Promised:  poem
  4. Relatives and Friends pages (6): for all attending guests to provide their name and address. Essential at all visitations and/or services, and necessary to send written Thank You cards following the service.
  5. Press Notes and Memos: used for such publicly shared notices regarding the deceased, such as obituaries or acknowledgments/memorials published by organizations with which the deceased was affiliated.

Our Patriotic insert also includes the following pages in full color:

1.    A full-color page with the lyrics from My Country, Tis of Thee.

2.    A full-color page with the history of Taps as well as the lyrics.

3.    Military Service Record (2 pages)

4.    The Military Funeral, which includes space for the Installation or Veteran’s organization providing honors, Firing Party, Pall Bearers, the Chaplain, the Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge, the Officer-in-Charge, and the Bugler.

5.    The History of the Folded Flag at military funerals.

Our Celebration of Life pages is included with the Working HandsRadiance, and Serenity Memorial Books (and can be purchased separately to add to any of our Memorial Books that use the White/Charcoal ink insert).  They include:

  1. Photo page with space to place a photo of your loved one.
  2. Family Tree has spaces to document four generations of your loved one’s family.
  3. Personal History has space to document the place of birth, siblings and their birthdates, marriage history, and children.
  4. Life Highlights has space for academic history, locations they have resided throughout their life, special friends and some of the loved one’s favorite memories.
  5. Interests and Activities documents hobbies, social groups and organizations, community service, and any additional accomplishments and activities.
  6. Career captures information on the first job held, what industries your loved one worked within, any special mentors, recognitions, and work memories.
  7. Family Stories (2 pages) has lined pages for capturing information on different family occasions, activities, etc.
  8. Shared Memories (2 pages) has lined pages for anyone attending services or visitations to write down their favorite memories of your loved one.


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