What Is A Funeral Guest Book?

Royal Series Funeral Guest Book

Preparing for your loved one’s funeral or end of life celebration can seem daunting and overwhelming.

So many decisions to make, and often times, the funeral director is heavily relied upon to put all of the pieces together for a service that is respectful, memorable, and will live long in the hearts and memories of those attending to pay their respects.  One of those essential details is the funeral guest book.

There are very few items that the family can take with them after the service is ended.

The flowers will wilt and fade, the church or chapel will continue to serve others, and the guests and family members will continue with their lives.  Funeral stationery, and funeral guest books in particular will be taken home by the family and loved ones, and they will be a lasting remembrance for years to come.  By signing the funeral guest book, people attending the service are allowed the opportunity to express the fact that the deceased touched and affected their lives.  It also provides the family a valuable record of those who attended the services or remembrances.

What is a Funeral Guest Book
Funeral Guest Book Examples

There are many styles of funeral guest books.

They can be as simple as a loose-leaf notebook or spiral binder.  For many, a personalized or a custom book is preferred.  Custom guest books allow the family to share a part of their loved one’s personality or interests with each guest as they sign in.  With advances that have occurred in digital press technology, the sky is the limit with the amount of personalization that can be included.  The one constant truth about funeral guest books is that it will remain with the family for years following the service as a reminder of the love and respect that embraced their loved one’s passing.

Why Choose The Regal Line Guest Books?

Regal Line Catalog

Funeral Registry Guest Book Manufacturer since 1913

The Regal Line is a family owned funeral stationery manufacturer that has been producing stationery for over 108 years in the United States.  Unlike mass produced funeral stationery products produced overseas, each Regal Line stationery item is produced by hand and individually checked for quality to provide the family the highest quality in stationery products available.  The greatest example of this quality are the funeral guest books designed and manufactured by The Regal Line.

Custom Design Funeral Guest Books

Each Regal Line funeral guest book is designed by our in-house team of designers.  With a total of over 61 years of design experience in the print and production industries, they create designs that are as heartfelt and sincere as they are beautiful and striking.  The Regal Line assortment of funeral guest books feature designs in a wide array of materials and finishes including leather, foils, digital photography, and even original artwork that create a memorable and valued keepsake for the family.

Six Ring Funeral Guest Book
Regal Line Funeral Guest Book

Precise Funeral Registry Book Specifications

Each funeral guest book is produced to the precise specifications set by the funeral home or family.  Only the finest materials are chosen, produced by hand, and then individually inspected to ensure that you are receiving the finest funeral guest book available.  The quality of the workmanship and materials is apparent in the supple feel of the book covers, the attention to detail, and the quality of the fine papers used.

Custom Design Guest Books for Funerals

Over and above the fine materials and workmanship, we at The Regal Line understand that the products we produce must also carry the messages of love and prayers for the comfort of the family and loved ones during a time of loss.  Our in-house design team creates meaningful art and designs combined with sincere messages that result in timeless keepsakes for years to come.

Royal Series Funeral Guest Book Green
Patriotic Guest Book for Funeral

Patriotic Funeral Registry Book

Our patriotic series is the perfect funeral guest book for the military veteran as well as any patriotic American. 

The guest book pages allow family and loved ones to record important sentiments and memories.  These pages are a great example of our designer’s ability to incorporate artistic design with meaningful prose brought together to create a valuable keepsake

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