Eternal Light Funeral Guest Book - 6 Ring English

#8513-BK- Eternal Light Funeral Guest Book – 6 Ring English

The premium padded vinyl gives the look and feel of leather. Our in-house team of designers at Regal Line has more than a total of over 61 years of design experience. Each funeral guest design is heartfelt and sincere as well as beautiful and striking.

Our Butterfly Oval funeral guest books which are very important keepsakes that you will fondly treasure has a total of 45 pages. There are 19 lines per side for “Family & Friends” to sign in and/or leave a special memory or condolence. It is a great place to record who attended the funeral.

The Regal Line is a family-owned funeral stationery manufacturer that has been producing stationery for over 107 years in the United States. Unlike mass-produced funeral stationery products produced overseas, each Regal Line stationery item is produced by hand and individually checked for quality to provide the family the highest quality in stationery products available.

Our in-house designers have a total of over 61 years of design experience in the print and production industries. Thus the designs made by our in-house Regal Line designers are extremely beautiful and striking as well as profound and genuine.
These funeral guest books which are manufactured by Regal Line are our greatest example of the quality that we adhere to.

Eternal Light Funeral Guest Book

English – Book provided with either a 858 Spanish insert or a 7560 English insert. Book Size 7.5″ x 10″ (Page Size 6.75″ x 9.5″)


Our Eternal Light funeral guest books measures in a classic size of 7.5” W X 10” H (Page Size 6.75″ x 9.5″) which enables the simple access to re-arrange and personalize the white pages crafted from thick card stock. Printed with headers and lines providing areas to record guests, service details, spiritual bouquets, bearers, obituary, and more…

Special Themed Divider Pages Available for our Eternal Light Funeral Guest Book.


Regal Line Guest Books for Funerals are designed with applicability in mind. It lays perfectly flat open when placed on lecters, tables, podiums, and portable register stands and easily accessible for family members, relatives, friends, those who are attending the funeral.


Each guest book for a funeral is specially designed with a durable guest registry to accommodate from small family gathering to a large funeral service.


Our collection Funeral Guestbook designs feature a wide array of materials and finishes along with leather, foils, digital photography, and also original artwork.

There are very few things that family and loves ones of the deceased will be taking home from the funeral as a lasting remembrance for years to come. That includes funeral stationery and funeral guest books in particular. We understand the value of creating a memorable and valued keepsake for the family.


For over 100 years Regal Line has been providing high-quality funeral stationery exclusively through Supply and/or promotional supply distributors for our customers. It’s very recently we have enabled direct online orders from our official website

Over the years printing technology has changed, in a sense, it has improved a lot. Even as we modernized our printing technology and equipment, updated our printing techniques, and added specialized treatments to our product line, we have maintained our dedication to exceptional quality.


The Regal Line offers coordinating sets and customizable templates that satisfy the emotional and practical needs of all of our customers.
From traditional and spiritual to modern, meditative, and eco-friendly, We offer every kind of quality design that our customers are looking for.

Along with funeral guest books, we offer a full suite of funeral related products such as funeral cards, urns, etc. that help memorialize loved ones, record attendance and provide important tools for correspondence.

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